Wynoochee Dam

October 18, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

The Wynoochee Dam, in the Olympic National Forest, has always been a very special place for me.  I was eight years old the first time I visited this wonderful destination and I've been a huge fan ever since.  After my parents divorced, camping at the Wynoochee Dam became an annual tradition for my Dad, brother, sister, and me, along with the rest of the Rajcich family. I have a large handful of memories here and easily find peace every time I sit and take in the view of this beautiful lake.

A few weeks ago I heard a rumor on Facebook, with video as evidence, that the water level had reached a LONG time low. I had to see it for myself and I'm so glad I did.  I experienced the dam in a completely different way than I ever have in the last 26 years of my life. It just so happened to be my 34th birthday and I explored the area with the best companion I could have had for a trip such as this, my dad.  Thank you for spending my birthday with me, Dad...and thank you for a lifetime of memories. I will cherish them forever. xoxo


Below: Looking from the edge of the dam down to the lake.

Below: This photo was taken from a spot which would normally be a pretty deep swimming area.

Below: In this photo you can see the rope which normally designates the edge of the swimming area. And, as you can see, some of the old tree trunks still exist.

Below: Here you can see the log boom which is normally floating..obviously.

Below: Remnants of some of the old trees.

Below:  My dad. :)  He remembers visiting this location before the dam was ever built. I never knew that before he shared that on this trip.  He said he used to camp out there as a kid also and would camp along the river bank across the way. I think he said that was some time back in the 50's.

Below:  We were able to walk along the shoreline from the lake over to the boat launch. Normally you have to use the Lake Shore Trail or drive through the Coho Campground to get to the boat launch.

Below: We found some old beer cans, but that was about it.

Below: Again, normally all of this area is completely under water.

Below: From the boat launch looking out to the lake.


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